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Monday, January 9, 2012

Size, Lifespan, And Diet

Green Iguanas Usually Grow to be 4-6 Feet long. There Lifespan Is 15+ Years With Proper Care. There Diet should be 70% Dark leafy greens. 20% Vegetables. And 10% Fruit. You Should Feed Once A Day. Also Chop The Food Into Little Pieces.


Green iguanas are known for being veracious or angry reptiles. What I recommend is to hold your iguana for at least 30 minutes a day. You should hold him in your bathroom just in case it decides to try to run away it has nowhere to go. I recommend putting a towel under the door crack if its a baby iguana. You can also just try talking to it. If you do this it will get used to your voice and not get so threatened by you.

Bath Time

It is important that you give your iguana a bath as much as possible. You can do this in your bath tub or a large bowl. But make sure you NEVER EVER use soap. Also use warm water but not burning hot water. You should let him soak for 30 minutes.

Heat And Humidity

Your Iguanas Tank Temperature Should Run Around 80-90ยบ F. Also It Is Really Important That There Is Humidity In The Tank! I Do This By Spraying The Tank Down With A Spray Bottle.

How Long To Leave Green Iguanas UV Light On.

You Should Leave Green Iguanas UV Lights On For 12 Hours For Them To Get There Proper Vitamin D. I Turn Mine On At 7Am And Turn It off at 7Pm. Also UV Lights Cost Around $25.00.

Do Green Iguanas Need UV Lighting?

Yes Iguanas DO need Uv Lighting For Many Reasons. They need UV light in order to absorb vitamin D and make use of the minerals and vitamins they are ingesting. It Also Keeps them warm in the day Time.